Flip is a 15 year old American Eskimo mix belonging to Amy.  He came to Friendship Farm from a local shelter in January 2003 where he had been for many months.  He had come into the shelter as a small puppy with his mother (an American Eskimo) and his sister.  Both of them were adopted quickly but for some reason, Flip was not, and remained there until he was adopted by Amy at about 6 months old.  He is a ball of fluff, wiggly, and desperately and utterly loving.  His idea of the perfect evening is to snuggle up on the couch next to a human friend and be patted.  He has mastered the art of the long loving stare with those dark, "googly" eyes.  At 15, he is still active and doing great.  UPDATE:  At 15 1/2, old age did catch up with the sweet boy and I lost him in November 2017. 



Blake is
a 16 pound, 11(?) year old Papillion mix that came from the same local shelter as Flip in December 2008.  He had been picked up as an injured stray by Animal Control and the shelter took him and had him operated on to repair a torn ACL.  He was at the shelter for 5 months and then Amy adopted him as a playmate for Flip. Despite his size and heritage, he is a true farm dog and is as happy and loving as can be.  He loves running over to the Wurzels' next door and thinks he is a Wurzel, too.  In his senior years now, he is quite deaf but that doesn't slow his barking down any.

Mimi is a 12 pound 8(?) year old chocolate longhaired Cheweenie (Chihuahua/Daschund mix).  Amy doesn't know how it happened but she was in a shelter in MA in August 2011, and there was this tiny brown ball lying terrified in the back corner of a concrete stall, so scared she couldn't respond.  Of course she came home and has become an unlikely but most adored pet.  Mimi picks her special people and continues to make progress even after several years.  She is the very best bed snuggler around and spins in circles when she is excited.  Mimi is the classic example of the resilience of dogs, and gives so much love.

Violet is a 45 pound, 4(?) year old small black Lab.  Amy has fostered dogs for Peak Lab Rescue for the last 4 years, and specializes in mommas with puppies.  Violet was one of those mommas but lost all her puppies at birth.  She has gone from being skinny and shy with skin problems to a shiny, vibrant girl who loves to go on walks and play with balls.  Little Blake is her special playmate, and she prefers him over any other dog for a good running wrestle.  She has learned about the joy of the bed and shares it with Mimi and Amy every night.  Seeing her come out of her shell is a wonderful reward of rescue.




June 12, 2011 - Rest in peace, beautiful girl...
Marin is a 12 year old Golden Retriever (mix?) belonging to Amy.  She also came to Friendship Farm from another local shelter four years ago.  Amy has a major soft spot for seniors, and nothing is sweeter than a senior Golden.  She came into the shelter as a stray and wasn't there very long when Amy heard about her.  She had been completely shaved, as she was heavily matted, and it has been a delight to watch her lovely red coat grow and bloom.  Marin must have been well loved in her previous life, as she is so generous of heart, gentle and easy-going.  She does have a wandering/swamping streak, which probably what got her into trouble in the first place, so we keep a close eye on her. 


March 2011 - Rest in peace, sweet boy...
Skippy is an 9 year old Border Collie mix belonging to the Wurzels, who has lived at both Friendship and Yet Again Farms and now lives at Yet Again.  He came from a Border Collie rescue organization in Connecticut as a teenage puppy with a history of abuse.  He is a happy guy, with lots of clear Border Collie tendencies, like trying to "herd" horses from outside the fence.  The horses are all used to him, of course, and consider him a form of entertainment.  He truly can smile!



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