Minto is 4 years old and is a domestic short hair with a dollop of Siamese. It was another trip to Petsmart, looking at the shelter kitties, that brought him to the farm in December 2008.  He is white and the unusual coloring of lilac point Siamese with tabby striping, striking blue eyes and the Siamese traits of talking and loud purring.  He is full of confidence and a great mouser.  He has put on a few pounds since these photos were taken, to be our biggest cat, but we all know that happens when you are enjoying the good life.  Minto, along with Kiwi and Tucker, travel back and forth between MA and NC each year.

This girl adopted Friendship Farm in the late fall of 2009.  This very pretty dark tiger cat just appeared and said, "I live here now."  She lives in the barn year-round and that's the way she likes it.  Of course, all the boy cats know she is the one to be obeyed if they come into her territory.  She is very devoted to her bowl of cat food and is our widest cat.  She's a big talker to get you to go look at her dry cat food with her and mix it around a bit while she snacks.

This little terrorist came to the farm through Brittany Mills, a young friend who found him under a pallet of mulch at Walmart as an 8 week old kitten in the fall of 2009.  He defined the words "wild child" as a kitten and is thankfully mellowing some as a young adult.  He loves the outdoors and after a busy night carousing, has developed napping on the back of the couch in bizarre contorted shapes into an artform.

While there is no logic as to why I needed another cat, I was still missing my beloved Himmie when I went looking for another one as sweet as he was.  I went into one of  the local shelters in November 2010 and asked which was their sweetest cat.  They pointed to the year old dilute orange tabby with no tail, and he seemed to fit the bill.  Strangely, no one had even looked at him in the many months he had been at the shelter.  While not a lap cat, this guy likes to be picked up and gets along with everyone right away.  He and Kiwi do wild young boy tussling and chasing activities with great abandon.

HIMMIE - Sadly, Himmie was lost in the summer of 2009 to a wild creature in MA... just can't bear to take this down, as he was a most remarkable cat/dog.
Himmie is a 6 year old uniquely colored shelter cat.  He was described as a "Funderbunke" cat when adopted which turned out to be the name of the kind gentleman who rescued many cats but was no longer able to take care of them.  His adoption was the result of a fateful trip to Petsmart, where different shelters are allowed to show their cats to the public.  He has unusual markings and coloring, including reddish eyes that are sun-sensitive.  He is truly a dog in a cat suit, liking nothing better than to lay on you and have his stomach scratched. 

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